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Bushido The Saga Begins - The Project 
Okinawan karate is studied and revered throughout the globe. It is an art that is appreciated not only for its effectiveness in self-defense, but also as a method of developing inner strength and discipline as well as physical strength.  

From our love of this great art, and with the help and support of Morio Higaonna Sensei, Yasuaki Kurata Sensei, the Okinawan Film Office and many other supporters, we will make a series of three films that will convey in depth the struggles and accomplishments of the men who devoted their entire lives in order to preserve and pass on their art to us.

This is not only an historical action drama, it is a HUMAN STORY depicting the struggles and tribulations that a few important figures had to overcome in order to survive. Not only did these men triumph over hardship and desperation, they evolved far beyond their initial expectations and in so doing gave an enormous gift to the world.

 We are proud and excited to be bringing this story to the big screen. Please click on the various pages to read more about this project and how you can become involved.